Mandela Bridge


EMPOWER BUSINESS – Rejuvenate a city

Type: Asymmetrical, dual pylon, cable-strayed
Length: 284m
Main Span: 176m
Pylon height: 43m North, 27m South above deck
Height of foot bridges: 43m
Completed: 2003


Paris has its Eiffel Tower, New York its Statue of Liberty, and Johannesburg has the Nelson Mandela Bridge, named after the man who led South Africa across the Apartheid divide.


Two years and R38 million in the making, this spectacular asymmetrical bridge is the centre pinch of a R300 million inner city renewal project. The Nelson Mandela Bridge is the new landmark for South Africa. It holds out the promises of a rejuvenated Johannesburg, empowering it to once again to be the hub of South African commercial life.