The Grid Needs a Symphony, Not a Shouting Match

One of the best and most elegant pieces on the choices and challenges facing the world regarding Renewable Energy and Carbon Emissions.  Well worth a read:– Ewan Middlemiss

We Cannot Afford to Stifle Innovation by Enforcing Outdated Notions of “Baseload” Power

For more detail on the topics covered in this article, readers should see Amory Lovins’ FERC comments, a recent article on Forbes, and a forthcoming article in The Electricity Journal.

In April, U.S. Secretary of Energy Rick Perry announced a 60-day study on electricity market design and grid reliability, meant to assess to what extent current market designs fail to adequately compensate “baseload” (i.e., coal- and nuclear-fired) power plants.

The memo commissioning the study presents as “fact” a curious claim: “baseload power is necessary to a well-functioning electric grid.” This notion has been thoroughly


REIPPP Mystery


If one looks at the following graph, can anyone at ESKOM or DOE explain in any way that makes any sense why we have suspended our REIPPP process.  It is very clear that we are now starting to lose out to the rest of the world in terms of energy trends and marginal cost of power, which brings down the overall and average cost of power.


Top pinks to drink this summer

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I love drinking pink wine! It’s a refreshing and playful option – perfect for warm summer days. There is a large variety of blush wines in South Africa, ranging from light dry wines to medium/fuller bodied wines. All of which perfectly compliment summer foods like salads, seafood and tapas.


Bridge Capital's top 10 items to pack

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You're three hours into your drive and you realise you've left your cell phone at home, or your tent, or some other significant item. We all know that sinking feeling!

It's nearly time to pack. To jog your memory, we asked the Bridge team to send in the top 10 items they won't be forgetting to pack this holiday.


Bridge Capital’s top 10 South African restaurants (with a sea view)

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In the Southern Hemisphere, December holidays are all about good company, good food, good wine and spectacular sea views! As a team we brainstormed and came up with our collective top 10 spots to celebrate summer in South Africa.

Who knows, you might just catch us sipping a cocktail at one of our top 10 this holiday season.

The Lookout Deck & Restaurant, Plettenberg Bay

If you holiday in Plett, like many of the staff at Bridge Capital, you will have a tale or two to tell about a night out at “The Deck”. The Lookout Deck Restaurant, nestled between the Lookout Rocks and Nature Reserve, is a legend in its own right. You couldn’t dream up a better spot for a causal seafood meal and sundowner. Arrive with sandy feet and salty skin.


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