Project UBU and Bridge Capital Advisors



What if we could facilitate a world in which the basic needs of everyone can be met on an on-going basis?

We are helping Project UBU to create the world's first decentralised currency that works to the benefit of everyone without relying on taxation.

For anyone interested in global poverty and the tragedy of exclusion, and a new decentralised technology initiative to alleviate poverty (based on blockchain technology), this solution has been in development for 18 months and is currently being trialed in South Africa and elsewhere.

For those further interested have a look at www.projectubu.com. If you want to purchase the underlying cryptotoken, click on the ITO flag on the top right of the first page of the that website which will take you to our Initial Token Offering website.

There is plenty of detail there, including a “white paper” (which has become the nomenclature for cryptotokens to set out their offerings). For those who like the mathematics, you can scroll in the white paper through to the Yellow Paper (the research paper that supports the underlying mathematical and economics model).




Mergers Review | June 2014

Mergers Alliance Newsletter June 2014 - Bridge Capital

Mergers Alliance is a partnership of award-winning corporate finance specialists who provide high-quality advice to organisations which require international reach for their M&A strategies.

In this season's newsletter we report back to you on:

- Our new Mexican partnership with FGA Investment Bankers
- Mergers Alliance's trip into SE Asia
- The biannual meeting held in Denver
- EquityGate's 10 year anniversary