AltX Designated Advisor 

Bridge Capital is an approved Designated Advisor to companies listed or seeking to list on the Alternative Exchange (AltX).


JSE Listings Requirements compel all AltX listed companies to appoint a Designated Advisor and in this capacity we fulfil the following roles:

  • Advisor to the board of directors of any changes to the AltX Listings Requirements and the implications thereof
  • Facilitator of all interaction between your company and the AltX
  • Ensuring that your company and its directors comply with the AltX Listings Requirements
  • Attendance at all board meetings
  • Sign-off on appointment of the financial director

Furthermore, we project manage the entire listing and capital raising process providing specific advice and assistance in the key areas of:

  • General advisory
  • AltX documentation and regulatory compliance
  • Capital raising
  • Designated Advisor Role – subsequent to the listing


General advisory

We advise on the appropriate level of capital, shareholding structures, valuations and pricing for capital raising and listing purposes.


AltX documentation and regulatory compliance

We assist in the preparation of applications to the JSE/AltX. We assist our clients in understanding the necessary regulations and in preparing the required documentation.


Capital raising

We advise our clients on structuring the business case to raise capital, prepare for and assist in the capital raising roadshow, and structure and formalise appropriate financing terms.


Designated Advisor subsequent to listing

On behalf of our clients, we ensure that:

  • All JSE and SRP regulations are complied with throughout the year
  • Corporate actions such as acquisitions and disposals are appropriately executed in accordance with Listings Requirements
  • Continuing obligations such as the communication of directors’ dealings, closed periods and their implications on insider trading, and interim and year-end results comply with the various regulations
  • That you are kept up to date with any changes to the JSE Listings Requirements and other regulatory requirements on a timeous basis